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Deferment and Forbearance Forms

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  • FRM001
    FRM001Direct Loan Economic Hardship Deferment

    FRM001_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento Por Dificultades Económicas
  • FRM002
    FRM002Alaska Economic Hardship Deferment
  • FRM003
    FRM003FFELP Economic Hardship Deferment

    FRM003_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento Por Dificultades Económicas
  • FRM004
    FRM004Direct Loan In-School Deferment

    FRM004_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento Por Estudios
  • FRM005
    FRM005Alaska In-School Deferment
  • FRM006
    FRM006FFELP In-School Deferment

    FRM006_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento De Pago Por Estudios
  • FRM008
    FRM008Direct Loan Unemployment Deferment

    FRM008_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento Por Desempleo
  • FRM009
    FRM009Alaska Unemployment Deferment
  • FRM010
    FRM010FFELP Unemployment Deferment

    FRM010_SPANSolicitud De Aplazamiento De Pago Por Desempleo
  • FRM011
    FRM011ACS Forbearance
  • FRM012
    FRM012Direct Loan Forbearance

    FRM012_SPANSolicitud De Indulgencia General
  • FRM013
    FRM013American Education Services (AES) Forbearance
  • FRM014
    FRM014Brazos Forbearance
  • FRM015
    FRM015Chela Forbearance
  • FRM016
    FRM016Charter One Forbearance
  • FRM017
    FRM017Citibank Forbearance
  • FRM020
    FRM020Colorado Student Loan Program Forbearance
  • FRM021
    FRM021Educational Asst Corp Forbearance
  • FRM022
    FRM022Educational Credit Mgmt Corp Forbearance
  • FRM023
    FRM023EdFinancial Services Forbearance
  • FRM027
    FRM027Great Lakes Forbearance
  • FRM029
    FRM029Georgia Student Finance Forbearance
  • FRM031
    FRM031WSLC Forbearance
  • FRM037
    FRM037Louisiana Office of Student Financial Asst. Forbearance
  • FRM038
    FRM038Maine Education Asst. Division Forbearance
  • FRM039
    FRM039Military Deferment Request
  • FRM040
    FRM040Missouri Higher Education Lending Forbearance
  • FRM041
    FRM041Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program Forbearance
  • FRM043
    FRM043National Student Loan Program (Nebraska) Forbearance
  • FRM044
    FRM044Northwest Education Loan Association Forbearance
  • FRM045
    NELNET ForbearanceFRM045

    NELNET Solicitud de Tolerancia por incumplimiento de pagoFRM045_SPAN
  • FRM046
    FRM046Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Forbearance
  • FRM047
    FRM047Oklahoma Student Loan Servicing Forbearance
  • FRM048
    FRM048Panhandle Forbearance
  • FRM049
    FRM049Student Assistance Foundation of Montana Forbearance
  • FRM050
    FRM050South Carolina Student Loan Corp. Forbearance
  • FRM051
    FRM051Student Loan Finance Corp. Forbearance
  • FRM052
    FRM052Navient Forbearance (formerly Sallie Mae)
  • FRM053
    FRM053Student Loan Servicing Center Forbearance
  • FRM055
    FRM055Michigan Guaranty Agency Forbearance
  • FRM057
    FRM057Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority Forbearance
  • FRM058
    FRM058United Student Aid Funds Forbearance
  • FRM059
    FRM059Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority Forbearance
  • FRM060
    FRM060Vermont Student Assistance Corp. Forbearance
  • FRM061
    FRM061Vermont Student Assistance Corp. Forbearance
  • FRM062
    FRM062Wells Fargo Student Financial Services Forbearance
  • FRM063
    FRM063Xpress Loan Forbearance
  • FRM065
    FRM065Total and Permanent Disability Discharge

    FRM065_SPANSolicitud Anulación Discapacidad Total y Permanente
  • FRM066
    FRM066Higher Education Forbearance Request Form
  • FRM067
    FRM067Armed Forces Deferment
  • FRM068
    FRM068Public Services Deferment Direct Loans
  • FRM069
    Public Service Deferment FFELFRM069

    Public Service Deferment FFEL SpanishFRM069_SPAN
  • FRM070
    FRM070Graduate Fellowship Direct Loan Deferment
  • FRM071
    FRM071Rehabilitation Training Deferment Direct Loan
  • FRM072
    FRM072Internship Residency Deferment Direct Loan
  • FRM074
    FRM074Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application 1998
  • FRM075
    Parent Plus FFELP DefermentFRM075

    Parent Plus FFELP Deferment SpanishFRM075_SPAN
  • FRM076
    FRM076Graduate Fellowship, Rehabilitation Training, Internship/Residency or Teacher Shortage Area FFEL Deferment
  • FRM077
    FRM077Temporary Total Disability
  • FRM078
    FRM078Parent Leave/Working Mother Deferment
  • FRM079
    FRM079Education Related Direct Loan Deferment
  • FRM080
    FRM080Teacher Loan Forgiveness Forbearance 1998
  • FRM081
    FRM081Public Service Direct Loan Deferment
  • FRM082
    Public Service FFELP DefermentFRM082

    Public Service FFELP Deferment SpanishFRM082_SPAN
  • FRM083
    FRM083Federal Direct Consolidation Loan
  • FRM084
    FRM084Income-Driven Repayment Plan Request
  • FRM085
    FRM085Loan Debt Burden Forbearance Request
  • FRM086
    FRM086 FedLoan Servicing Temporary Hardship Forbearance Form

    FedLoan Servicing Temporary Hardship Forbearance SpanishFRM086_SPAN
  • FRM087
    MOHELA General Forbearance FormFRM087
  • FRM088
    MOHELA Forbearance AgreementFRM088
  • FRM089
    ESA/EdFinancial Services Forbearance FormFRM089
  • FRM090
    FRM090KSA Forbearance Agreement
    Dept of ED/KSA Servicing